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Realm of Shadows (2024) Movie Review

By Newguy

Realm of Shadows – Movie Review

Prepare to be captivated by the dark and haunting 'Realm of Shadows', a horror anthology based on true events. Get ready to be immersed in a world of mystery and terror.

Director: Jimmy Drain

Writer: Robert Bieber (Screenplay)

Writer: Lewis Leslie (Story)


  • Tony Todd (Candyman)
  • Vernon Wells (Mad Max 2)
  • Jimmy Drain (Overshadow)
  • Richard Tyson (Kindergarten Cop)
  • Vida Ghaffari (Eternal Code)
  • Harley Wallen (Beneath Us All)

Plot: Enter a world of mystery, possession and shadows in an anthology of short horror themed tales woven into a full length feature presentation. Even the most shocking stories are based on true events.

Runtime: 1 Hour 25 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict on Realm of Shadows

Mallick’s Dreamlady

Mallick’s Dreamlady follows a man who has a crush on the local barmaid. However, a stranger offers him a chance to win another woman’s heart and he ends up with everything he never wanted.

This is a story which leads into the idea of be careful about what you wish for. It starts the series of tales off well, with a concept that dives into the worst behavior of someone who wants to be good. However, it cuts out before it reaches potential. (2/5)


Hike follows a man who decides to take a walk, he leaves his partner behind and just explores. However, upon his return, he discovers something has changed and finds his view on life changed.

This short explores understanding a position in a relationship and finding time to make the biggest decisions. Sadly, not very much happens and we don’t get too involved in the bigger story. (1/5)


Abashed follows a couple who see their perfect life changed after a trip to a local occult shop. What they thought they had gets questioned and they turn to their faith for answers. It leads to one showing a much darker side, which brings an ease to their position within the church.

This story shows how easily people could get swayed by the darker things in life. Even if they have lived a more clean-cut life, the temptation is always there and can change things. Another one here shows a relationship’s destructive side when temptation is leaned into. The silent movie approach holds it back from stepping out on its own, leaving it feeling flat. (1/5)

The Initiation of Professor Kimmer

The Initiation of Professor Kimmer follows a new professor starting a new role. It doesn’t take long before he catches the eye of one of the female students and he adapts to the new role. He finds himself in a difficult position that could threaten his future in this role.

This movie offers up the most interesting story to date. One that has more depth than the previous one, which shows a much more complex set of events. It explores past mistakes and what people must live with. (3/5)


Cadaver follows Penny calling in for help at the local radio station. She recalls the story of what she had to do to become part of a coven. It ended in tragedy, and she wants help to overcome what she was forced to do.

This is another one which felt like there was a lot more potential in the story but falls short in telling it. Sadly, it never gets enough time to show the madness the woman goes through in search of answers. (2/5)

Meet Michael

Meet Michael starts as a threat to the witches, as we meet a family dealing with a Boogeyman. The youngest member of a family believes a man called Michael is protecting her from the threat and her parents believe it is just a story she is telling. However, the latest visit changes everything and they turn to the church for help.

In what looks like the best of the bunch here, we get the most interesting story. It creates a big mystery and has a genuine scary side to what could be going on. However, it ends up ending too early, leaving everything up in the air and us wanting more answers. (3/5)

Fate Upside Down

Fate Upside Down follows a father searching for answers and protecting the innocent. He tries to stop evil presences in the world, leading to him taking them at risk to himself. His latest person to save is a family member and he must give away more of his secrets.

This one has the biggest star of the movie in with Tony Todd but like most of the stories here, it ends too early. It has an interesting idea that would have been interesting to learn more. (3/5)


The movie uses a group of witches to tell the story, as each explores whether people will follow their faith. They present their stories on a Ouija board, giving them a unique idea. While this is an interesting idea and builds to the motivation for the series of tales. It ends feeling like too many short stories that never feel like they managed to get enough out in their shorter time. This is one of the weaker series of short stories and none feel as complete as they could be.

Final Thoughts Realm of Shadows is a weak series of horror stories.

Realm of Shadows (2024) Movie Review

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