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Really? REALLY??!!

By Blondie @heyblondieblog
Have you seen the commercial (Verizon-droid maybe) where the blonde's phone just died and she says this in a frustrated tone?That is so how Dagwood and I feel after OM's dermatologist appt today. If you've been here lately you know OM had his third treatment 2 Thursdays ago for molluscum. Here are a few details I had left out but are now so frustrating I am documenting. Mainly, beacuse if there is another parent reading this and their children have the same skin issues mine do you can learn something here and not go through the same experiences.
We took OM to school on Friday (the day after treatment-2 Fridays ago now) and talked with his teachers about him being a little uncomfortable. We left Tylenol and signed the medication sheet and both us and his teacher felt comfortable that it would be good for him to have the distraction that school brought and not be so focused on his hurting body. A few hours later the asst. director called and said that they needed a note from the dr saying OM could be at school since he had the sores. They were all covered but still they needed a note. That is followed by a call to the dr office and it went like this:
me "Hi my son, OM, was there yesterday treated for Molluscum and his school needs a note from the dr stating that he can be there. "
receptionist puts me on hold and comes back with "Well, I can't lie!"
me "No one asked you to lie! I just need a note saying he can be at school."
her "Where is your son now?!"
me "At school"
her "No, no, no! Can someone go pick him up?! He is contagious and connot be around other children!"
me utterly frustrated by now "What do you mean? Don't you think that would have been important information to tell us yesterday?"
her "I understand. I am happy to write a note excusing him from school"
me "He's 2 so he doesn't need an excuse"
Lead into today when I call to get OM's appt moved from Friday to today so he can go back to school. He's already been out 7 school days and in confinement at home due to this nurse leading me to believe he could not be around other children.
Dagwood gets him there at 1:30 and soon after the dr comes in. Dagwood thanks her for seeing them before the original appt time but we were hoping since the blisters were healing that he could go back to school.
Her response you ask?! What do you mean. He could have gone to school the next day.
This is where you insert Really? REALLY?!
Dagwood got me on the phone and I took out a teeny bit of frustration on her. She apologized and said that the staff should have consulted her first but that OM should definitely go back to school.
So here's the low down on Molluscum. Yes, it is a contagious virus that is commonly spread among children. It is a harmless virus and does not affect your immune system nor make you sick in any way. It can cause small bumps (maybe only one or two)to form on the skin. This does not happen for all children and for the majority there is no treatment needed. The bumps go away on their own.
That children have eczema which causes them to have breaks in the skin and therefore they pick up a lot of these viruses that others do not. We treated when the molluscum had spread over a lot of SK's body and looked like it might move to her face.
The treatment is the part of this that causes the pain. And once the treatment has done it's job the child is not supposed to be re-infected. We'll see if SK gets it again. So far she is all clear.
OM is a different story. This is continuing to spread on him. As you know OM had his third treatment and this momma couldn't stand for him to have all those blisters again. We are doing a home treatment which takes longer but we are praying for healing and that this will be the final treatment.
I need to update the All About Eczema page with all of our new happenings with it. If you have questions or are suffering as well I'd love to hear from you.

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