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Realization Exercise

By Souldesign @SoulDesignLtd

Observe an object (like the wall)

Realize that I (the observer) am not the wall

Sit for a moment with this realization

Next observe your hand

Realize that ‘I’ is not the hand

Even if you lost the hand, ‘I’ would still be there

Now observe/be aware of your whole body

I am not the body

‘I’ is observing the body

Now be aware of your emotions

‘I’ which is observing is not the emotions

I have got emotions, but I am not the emotions

Be aware of thinking going on in your brain

The ‘I’ which is aware of thinking going on is neither the thinker nor the thoughts

Allow yourself to be aware of ‘I’ as a free quantum leaping point of consciousness

Start being aware of the point of ‘I’ in your meditation and in your daily life

Keep observing your body, your emotions and your thoughts

One day it will ‘click’

The realization of the sovereign self

Realization exercise


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