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Reality TV Revelations

By Gandbblog @GandBblog
I had a lot of fun last week with my Reality TV Revelations post, so I think I will try it again! What did you guys think? I get invested in these shows because they just fascinate me. I cannot imagine these people being this way in real life, so let's just get to it.
Reality TV Revelations
This week, let's talk about the craziness of The Bachelor: Women Tell All
First of all, I love a good romantic love story, but in my heart of hearts, I do not buy that this show is even remotely real. How can you have a real relationship within false pretenses? Anyhow, I am sure you all "know" that somewhere deep in your gullible souls. Now, let's talk about the crazies. 
First up, AshLee. At first, I really liked her, but the more the season went on the more I started to see her crazy eyes come out. She was VERY much in love with Sean, which is obvious, but she always seemed to hold him up on a pedastool, which I don't like. The guy is not perfect, so that perfect image in your head can go away now, AshLee. She also seemed to bring up her past a lot. At 32, I thought she would have gotten past some of her abandonment issues, especially since she had such a loving family growing up. I would think that would have brought her some sense of peace or enabled her to heal in some way. I know that may sound harsh, but it just irked me all season long. I am somewhat convinced Sean just couldn't handle the high hopes and the intense emotion AshLee always brought to the table. Sometimes it is just too much. 
Secondly, Tierra was her usual self always putting the blame on other people. She wasn't friendly and she made that clear to the women, but they refused to believe her. I think the other girls could have just let off a little with Tierra. Her intentions were to "win", not be BFF's with everyone. 
Thirdly, poor Sara. She was such a sweetheart, but if the chemistry wasn't there for Sean, he has every right to send her home. I wouldn't lead a girl like that on either. I am convinced she will meet a great guy! She's got a great head on her shoulders. 
Fourthly, Desiree knows that her brother is crazy! He was basically calling Sean a liar and any guy wouldn't want anything to do with that. I don't think its her place to judge who is right for Sean.
What did you think? What were your Reality TV Revelations?

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