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Real Life Peter Griffin Nails His Stand Up Comedy Routine

By Ceboscuit @ceboscuit
July 15, 2014


I’d say he nails it.  Do you think this is a situation where he’s worked on it for a while or it’s something he just fell into?  Like did he have to work on the voice or is it his?  However he did it, I’ll say this, he absolutely killed the outfit.  10 out of 10.

Ps, who the hell are those creepers in the background.  how do you go from Peter Griffin stand up routine to creepy hooded creature.  What’s their entertainment?  However they look like they could be freaky chicks so that’s a positive.  I’d be willing to hang around and see what happens.  

Pps, Chances this guy got it in with the ladies behind him?  I’d say it’s about 1,000,000%.  No chance he didn’t walk off that “stage” with more confidence than ever.  

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