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REAL Fruit, Sugar-free Popsicles

By Dreenaburton @dreenaburton
REAL fruit, sugar-free popsiclesStorebought popsicles are colored-flavored-watered junk - basically.  Yes, if the girls are at a party or school event and there are neon popsicles circulating, I don't say no.  There aren't many school and party foods that are vegan-friendly, after all.  But, at home, I say no.  Not to popsicles, just the junky ones.
Even the 'real-fruit' popsicles often have aren't just fruit, but with added sweeteners.  Again, I don't always mind the sweeteners, but popsicles are one of those things that are pretty easy to make at home if you have the time (and we don't always).  But, if you do, here are some REAL fruit popsicles, that don't have a titch of any sweetener.
The trick is to use a very sweet fruit - like watermelon.  That's what I used as my base for these.  I started a small batch in the blender (Blendtec, but standard blender will do here) for our middle girl using mostly watermelon and also some very ripe (freckled) banana.  That's it!  Just blended until smooth and filled up half (3) of our popsicle molds.  Then, for our older girl who loves anything berry, I blended watermelon with fresh raspberries.  (Our middle girl does not like berries.  Of any kind.  I know.  Bizarre.  Believe me, I've tried 'hiding' them and trying to trick her, but she has these radar-like tastebuds that pick up on raspberries, strawberries, or blueberries.  *sigh*  I do hope it will pass and she will love berries when she's older.)  I've rambled again (surprise)... back to the popsicles, I then poured that berry-melon mix in the remaining 3 molds.  Aren't they pretty?
REAL fruit, sugar-free popsicles
And, aren't these Tovolo popsicle molds cute?!!  They are bpa-free, and come in different shapes and colors.
REAL fruit, sugar-free popsicles
What I love is that the molds pop in and out of the base, rather than filling the entire tray of popsicles and then putting in the sticks.  Makes it easy to take out just one popsicle, and great for cleaning too.  You need to clear an area in your freezer to accommodate the base and sticks, but it's worth it.  Before these, I just had some cheap dollar-store tray version, and really needed something sturdy and well-made.  I saw them at the Food Co-op in Bellingham several times, and on our last visit, I gave in and bought a set - and love them!
REAL fruit, sugar-free popsicles
Eager hands just couldn't wait for mom to finish snapping a pic.  (The beautiful Henna tattoos were from a birthday party the day before - not my handiwork!)
REAL fruit, sugar-free popsicles
I managed to get a couple of pics out of the molds before the girls took off with their treats.  The lighter popsicle is the watermelon/banana blend, and the darker has the raspberries.
Babe doesn't take to ice cream or popsicles yet, but she had to join in with her big sisters.  Monkey see, monkey does!  And, boy, does she love watermelon!
REAL fruit, sugar-free popsicles
Here she is, coming in for the first piece.  Atta' girl.  After grabbing the second, she brings back the remains.
REAL fruit, sugar-free popsicles
Thanks darlin'.  And, off go my three musketeers (monketeers?)....  :D

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