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Real Fruit and Vegetables

By Emma @glasgowfoodie

Have you ever wondered what a banana really looks like? No, I've not gone all crazy but did you know that the bananas we eat are clones? And they have been bred to look this way and aren't actually what real, in the wild bananas look like? Check out all those seeds. Don't think I'd be too happy trying to munch my way around them.

Real fruit and vegetables
I found this Business Insider Science short online and thought I'd share it as it shows what real fruit and vegetables really look like.

This all started with the usual boredom surfing and you know what it's like you end up either looking at cute kittens or as I did reading up about cloned bananas (rock n roll night eh?!). Did you know that each and every banana you eat is exactly the same? They are all clones of the one banana. Each one is sterile - hence no seeds. Those little black bits you see in a banana are the remains of its seed making equipment.

Real fruit and vegetables

This has caused problems in the past. In the 1950's, the most common banana was the Gros Michael. However, a fungal infection wiped out the Gros Michael banana. Due to the bananas being clones, the fungus could spread easily. This catastrophe lead to the development of the Cavendish, the banana we eat now. It is resistant to the Panama Disease, the fungus which wiped out Gros Michael but it isn't completely immune from infections.

Real fruit and vegetables

I also found out I have been opening bananas the wrong way! Check this video out. I'm off to practice on some bananas in the kitchen.

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