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Real Food Meal Plan – Week 4

By Thecookspyjamas @thecookspyjamas
Cooler weather, and a few evening meetings, saw some family favourites return to this week's Real Food Meal Plan. Dinner's had to be quick and uncomplicated, with tuna pasta, san choy bow and chicken schnitzel all popping up on the menu. Real Food Meal Plan – Week 4

The temperature finally dropped enough this week that I could turn the oven on again. Which I did, only to discover that the oven door seal is broken and the grill element is not working. How does that happen when you are not actually using the appliance? So I have been pushing a tea towel into the gap where the seal should be to keep in the heat whilst I wait for Australia Post to deliver me a new one. The grill I will worry about later.

The Princess was very happy with this week's menu, as it included a few favorites she has obviously been craving through summer. Apparently, had gnocchi been included, the menu would have been perfect. Maybe next time. This week we ate:


Lemon Tuna Pasta


Corn & Zucchini Fritters from Wholefood for Children.

I add a lot more zucchini and quinoa than this recipe calls for. They are very good as leftovers or tucked into the lunchbox, so I like to make extra. If the mixture seems a bit dry after the additions, I will also add another egg or two. The recipe is very forgiving so play with it at will.


Chicken Schnitzel, served with Easy Baked Sweet Potato Chips and Kale in Bechamel Sauce.

I like to keep small containers of bechamel on hand in the freezer for quick side dishes. To make this simple dish, shred a bunch of kale and fry it in ghee until wilted. Add a cup (250ml) of bechamel sauce and stir through. Season with salt and pepper, and serve. This goes well with pretty much anything.

Do be aware that if the bechamel has been frozen it will look lumpy and grainy. Just allow it to gently warm in the pan, and it will turn smooth and creamy again.


San Choy Bow

Rather than serving this in lettuce cups, I stirred cooked udon noodles through the dish and served it in noodle bowls.


Spiced Beef Tagine from Save with Jamie.

Freezer Cooking

I have finally started to fill the freezer again. I am not a huge fan of cooking lunch on weekend, but sometimes it is a necessary evil. Last weekend I made tacos, so I doubled the beef and bean filling. Half of this went into the freezer for another lunch, which means one less lunch to cook on a weekend.

It is quite easy to make a large amount of chicken schnitzel at one time using these instructions. I crumbed four large chicken breasts (sliced into schnitzels) on Tuesday night, and now have at least one more meal in the freezer.

We also had quite a large amount of beef tagine left over from Thursday night's dinner; more than enough for another meal. So into the freezer it went.

I made a batch of English muffins, more sourdough bread and a batch of sourdough bread rolls too this week. All are now safely stashed in the freezer for breakfast and lunch over the next few weeks.

Bon Appetit!

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