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Reading Challenge Vs Reading Goals #MyFriendAlexa #pebbleinwaterswrites #tbrchallenge

By Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

We all know about this never ending bonding between any challenge and any goals associated with that challenge. If we look in a context which came first, hen or egg, then, probably this combination also is as confusing as that hen and egg one. Do we set our goals first in life and then look for / create challenges for ourselves to achieve our goals? Our it's vice versa? That we accept a challenge and accordingly set out our goals? Well, as far as my opinion goes, it's the former that looks more valid to me, at least, in my case. Wait. I am getting a little confused. I am thinking, what happened in case of blogchatter reading challenge. In that case, I think, I first accepted the challenge and then set my goal to 100 books to finish in the year 2021. It was the challenge that kept me on my toes to read as many books as possible.

Reading Challenge vs Reading Goals #MyFriendAlexa #pebbleinwaterswrites #tbrchallenge

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It was something like day wise, week wise, month wise targets that became sub components of my main goal of 100. For first 6-7 months, I was ranked first in the table on blogchatter. What I feel is there is a third dimension to be added in a two dimensional challenge versus goals relationship. That third dimension is community. What it means its that if I have taken a challenge in open, among a number of people who are also participating in that challenge, then I am prone to double up my speed, stay more aggressive, and keep that fire in the belly intact, all the time, to stay ahead. I had that zeal for almost 8 months during which I was the fastest and thus nearest to my goal. But then what happened? I was dropped to the third place, where I am still, in the 10th month, and am not sure if I will be jumping back to number one position or not.

What made me get dropped to number three position. It's it the pace of reading that is lost? Is it that long streak of staying at number one position for around 75% of the period of that challenge that have me a hangover and I lost my track? Did I become overconfident? Or, have I lost interest in it? So, what I think, there has to be a fourth dimension to it. We have challenge, goals, community /participants, as three dimensions. It's the push /fire /zeal /urge that I would like to add as fourth dimension to it. That means, if I accept a challenge, associate goals to it, become a part of a community where equally strong contenders are there to bypass my first position any moment of time, then that extra push that stays on top of my head all the time till I achieve my goals, until the challenge is over, till I am declared as the ultimate winner. 

How does that happen? It's simple but not that simple. Do I need to live in fear - what if I lose my number one position? Or do I keep myself so strong and confident to ensure I stay in the track throughout and keep my pace intact without losing my peace of mind, and that top place on the table? Is staying on number one position so important. If it's crucial for me, then what about 132 other contenders? Obviously, every participant can't stay on top of the table. It's, kind of, survival of the fittest. Err, survival of the fastest. Or survival of the strongest? What if I don't stay on number one position but still am able to achieve my goals and win the competition? May be, all competitions do not demand you to be at number one position to declare you as winner. It's like, all those who participated in the competion, set their own goals and achieved those goals are winners.

In those cases, probably, the biggest goals will be set as a benchmark for every other participant. 

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