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Readers' Challenge - Increasing Your Active and Passive Income

Posted on the 11 February 2015 by Sgyounginvestment

In the previous readers' challenge, I gave a challenge to save 50% of your income by setting up an automatic fund transfer. However, saving money has its limits if our income is too low. Therefore, increasing income is also important. But don't get me wrong. You still must focus on saving money if you've not done so. If you already have the habit of saving, then increasing income is the next step for you.

Readers' Challenge - Increasing Your Active and Passive Income

There are many ways to increase our income both in active and passive terms. Active income means the income we earn from our active work where we exchange time for money. Passive income means the income we earn from money working for us. Hence, we can basically earn money in two ways, we work for money or money working for us.

Increasing your Active and Passive Income
Increasing income is not as straight forward as saving money. It takes time to build up our capacity to earn more. But, once we have built it up, it becomes easier and easier.

Here are some ways which I think can potentially increase our income:

1. Upgrade your Professional Skills
2. Learn Communication Skills

Upgrading our skills set is probably the most basic thing that we can do to increase our active income. Taking up relevant certification courses will enhance our profile which may get us a higher paying job.

4. Discover and Build on your Passion

Certification will only help us to gain entry into a job. Whether we will excel in our career will depend a lot on how we interact with people. Do you interact well with your boss? If you're a manager do you interact well with your staff? In our work, we probably can't do everything alone and have to depend on some of our other colleagues to get a job done. Good communication skills will definitely help us to work better with other people.

The Challenge - Start another Stream of Income

3. Expand your Network
The people we know in our lives will determine our future. Building up meaningful relationships with people in our industry may prove to be useful somewhere in the future. If you choose the right network to build upon, your chances of success can increase a lot.

Passion is a powerful force. I've written a few articles on passion in my blog and am an advocate of finding your passion in life. Passion makes us excel in the things we do. We spend hours upon hours on something we are passionate about. A person who's passionate in art will spend many hours drawing. A person who's passionate in sports will spend many hours training and sweating it out. The end result is they become so good at it that people notice their talents and approach them. They get opportunities from everywhere.

If you've yet to discover your passion in life, take some time off your busy schedule and think about your interest. What are the things in life that makes you excited? Keep searching and never give up. Finding your true passion will make your life more meaningful instead of just living everyday without a purpose.

Focusing on increasing our current income is important but have you thought of starting another stream of income? Some of my friends I know still teach tuition apart from their full time job. Some are doing their own freelance jobs such as selling property or even health products. Others like me are blogging and writing which happens to earn some money apart from the passion which started it.

4. Sell your own Stuff

Doing a side line job is a good way to have another stream of income. But, the problem is it takes up our time and time is limited in our lives. We still need time for our family, our friends and our own rest and recreation needs.

Apart from doing a side line job which is an active income, we can start another stream of income by creating passive income. Passive income is money working for you. This can be done through investing in property and collecting rent from tenants, investing in stocks and collecting dividends, creating a product/intellectual property and collecting royalties.

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Actions to take for this challenge
1. Start a side line job if you have the time
Apart from teaching tuition, those of you who like to write can also be freelance writers who get paid perfor every article written. Those who can do web site designing can also be freelance web designers. Or you can even be a freelance translator, proofreader etc. Check out Elance for freelance job opportunities.
2. Learn how to invest to create passive income
You can invest in virtually everything. You can be an investor in a business, invest in stocks, invest in properties etc. One thing to take note of is to invest in something within your circle of competence. Putting your money into something you are not familiar with is never a good idea.
3. Learn to create your own products/intellectual property.

A good way to start exploring is to know what you are interested in. Examples of people who have created their own products are book authors who have the passion to write on specific topics, singers who record their own album, artist who create stunning art pieces.

There are many avenues to sell any kind of products online now. Got some unwanted clothes, gadgets, accessories that you want to sell? You can try this app called Carousell where you can sell virtually anything. It is quite popular now that I hear many of my friends talking about it. You can just make a couple of hundred dollars just by selling your unwanted stuffs at home.

Are you ready to take up the challenge? Try some of the ideas above and you'll be on your way to a richer life.

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