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Read Around the Room ..kid Art + Activity

By Kinderpendent
read around the room ..kid art + activity
To keep my kids excited about reading over the summer we've initiated a "read around the room" challenge. Here's how you can join in:
read around the room ..kid art + activity
1. Have your child draw a picture of themselves. I started them off with a sketched outline of a big balloon. I asked them then to draw themselves holding onto the balloon's string. Then we cut out their drawings.
2. Next, pick a room where you'd like to start the challenge--somewhere they'll frequently see their drawings & be reminded to read. (We chose our living room.) Using a bit of tape, we placed their drawings up on the wall, near the ceiling.
3. For each book your child reads, move their person over a space. The goal is to move all the way around the house--one room at a time! You'll be amazed at how just a little visualization of accomplishment can really help motivate kids.
read around the room ..kid art + activity
As a family you can decide what the prizes will be when you reach the end of a room. A few ideas we came up with included the choice of a fun activity--putt putt golf, bowling, movies, etc--or maybe a new book!

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