Reaction Post - It's Time to Kick Some Ass.

Posted on the 30 April 2014 by Cathy Leaves @cathyleaves
The Good Wife: 5x18 All Tapped Out.
Jeff, one of the two NSA "contractors" listening in on Alicia & three degrees of separation, starts to panic when new questions are added to his lie detector test, making him believe that his employer is on his tail for a tiny mistake he made in the past. In a very interesting move, he decides to take the issue to... FA, because I guess listening in on Alicia and Cary coming into their own over the past few months has given him the confidence that they might be able to help him, and also he seems like the kind of guy who'd stick with what he knows. It's just a bit awkward since he is basically a fanboy thrown into the cast of people he admires without them knowing they are being observed - except of course Alicia suspects, and awesomely blackmails him into revealing the entire NSA wiretap on her and Peter, sending the firm into a spiral. It's a hilarious wrap-up to a story arc a season in the making (if it's a wrap on that, but it seemed that way), and Peter makes it go away by being his usual slightly sinister self, once again raising the question of how murky the waters are that he wades through (or how little it would take for him to leave the supposedly kind-of clean path he's chosen). It also shows that Peter and Alicia work fairly well together as long as it's professional. Meanwhile, Diane's idea of a merger with FA is thrown under the bus and Louis Canning sweeps in, going through Will's files, realizing that Kalinda is spying on him for Diane, pretending to have no hidden agenda whatsoever - which I guess wouldn't make much of a story if it were true, but then, lots of red herrings in TGW. Also Alicia has a moment of hesitation in her defence of Finn, who is being investigated (and scapegoated) by the new SA (who very much seems to have his own agenda) for putting Jeffrey, the client who shot Will, into general prison population, which pushed him into taking the guard's gun. She's tempted to blame him because it's such an easy answer to such a complicated question, but then realizes that it would be hypocritical to put a questionable and widely practiced policy (pursued by both Peter and his predecessor) on one guy. 
  • NSA-pverreach-based jokes work really well for the show. 
  • I'm wondering what Louis' endgame here is, and I'm kind of wondering if he might not be ultimately more after David Lee than Diane. Interesting to see Kalinda find sort-of a match in him though. 

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