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Posted on the 30 April 2014 by Cathy Leaves @cathyleaves
The Good Wife: 5x19 Tying the Knot.
Alicia is having one of those days that she usually has when Colin Sweeney is involved (he truly is the Borg of TGW): within the ten minutes between the episode's start and the credits, she gets a much-needed signature from Colin on some documents (at his engagement party to someone new - haven goten "rid" of his previous wife, ah, all those wife-murdering jokes), is hit on by said new fiancé, discovered he'd tried to claim sex- and drug therapy as business expenses which could lead to his arrest, all while dealing with pictures of Zach with a bong surfacing in the media (or rather, dealing with Eli, "this is the most important thing you will do today"), and trying to figure out something new and weird going on with Finn Polmar and the SA (Finn was taken off two cases that Cary's working on). And then there's a death, because of course there is, it's a Colin Sweeney episode after all. While Alicia replays the events of those ten minutes over and over in her head, searching for all the necessary information, LG(&C) is responsible for the criminal defence of Sweeney's fiancé, Renata, also the lover of the victim. It leads to Alicia being questioned by Diane, in court - an interesting moment in their relationship, since both of them value each other so highly. The SA's blunder gets Renata off, so that she's free to tell Alicia all about how she now can finally truly connect to her future husband, having seen the life drain out of someone's eyes. And they say romance is dead. Alicia also finds a seemingly quick and easy solution to Finn's (who still seems to be suffering from very severe memories of the shooting) issue with his boss, the SA - run against him in the impending election, so that he can't be relieved of his duty. In an interesting move, Peter throws his support behind Finn - meaning his fake campaign suddenly becomes an actual one. Oh Alicia. Also Owen, the person who gives Peter drugs-policy-based headaches and is therefore a good person, tells Alicia to get herself laid, "because Peter is", but Alicia is definitely far from being over grieving. 

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