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Re-Thinking Paleo Breakfast

By Grayson Hayes @cavemandietblog
Re-Thinking Paleo Breakfast

Re-Thinking Paleo Breakfast

Re Thinking Paleo Breakfast

Who was it that made the “rule” that oatmeal and cereal were to be the ONLY breakfast foods?  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it is also one of the most permissive! When you eat breakfast, your entire body turns on its metabolic power. Moreover, this is a time of the day when your body actually welcomes food and is more likely to digest it well. There is another reason: Your stomach has been empty for hours. This means that you have not eating any other food that, by whatever reason, has prevented your digestion to run its normal course. All is clear at breakfast time. In fact, breakfast can make or break your day.

Now, the problem is that most people follow this invisible rule that a highly-processed, highly-sweet, highly-fake breakfast food, such as a Pop Tart,  or cereal, or even that horrid porridge that horses are so fond of, are the actual things you should  eat.  Why not really look into what we are putting in our bodies, and see what are the alternatives.

Jazz Up Your Eggs and bacon

Yep. When it all comes down to it, eggs and bacon are a much better solution than porridge,

Re Thinking Paleo Breakfast
jelly-filled pastries (birthday cake for breakfast, sort of) yogurt parfaits (the ones that add up the same calories as an ice cream sundae), or even cereal.  Eggs are naturally rich in minerals and vitamins. Bacon is just great, as long as it is not sugar-cured.  Both are high in protein and the natural fats in eggs are the ones that would help lower cholesterol that is associated with bacon. Plus, we are eating in moderation?

Avocado saladsAvocados are good for more than just guacamole. Slices of avocados and eggs are the power couple of mega foods. Add some blueberries to the mix and some spinach, and make a mega omelet that everyone will be talking about.  PS: Warm avocados in omelets are fantastic.

Paleo Wraps –  Add Paleo wraps to your grocery budget and ditch those doughy breads. Paleo wraps give you the freedom of stuffing them with all the good stuff, and take them TO GO. Steak, veggies, kale, fruit, you name it. Breakfast has never been more fun.

Coconut Flour – Keep coconut flour in your refrigerator. It is great for pancakes, waffles and even donuts. You can continue to eat your favorites in Paleo. We just make them better for you, and guilt-free.

Chicken Salad – Make your own chicken salad with all the goodies: almonds, fruit, celery, the works. Chill until the next morning, and have a cup of protein and fruit for breakfast.

Re Thinking Paleo Breakfast

But all I want is just a LATTE!

Great! Try chicory coffee or substitute coconut milk for your favorite drinks, skip the sugar, and opt for raw honey as a sweetener.

Try this breakfast experiment:

There is a very famous Mexican dish called “tamales.” This same dish has a myriad of variations throughout Latin America. One of these variations is called “pasteles,” and it is basically a mix of vegetables, meat, and root veggies that makes for a very rich meat-filled patty.

It basically goes like this:

Plantain, spices, olives, pimento peppers, seasonings, olive oil. All goes mixed together and pureed. Each spoonful of puree goes on a plantain leaf. Add the meat to the puree. Add more puree to make a patty and wrap the plantain leaf around it. Freeze. Boil an hour before serving.

All I am saying is that I had that as a Paleo breakfast for a week and did not need any other food in my life. As rich as pasteles sound, they were the most filling and (I feel) healthy food option I’ve had for breakfast. Best breakfast ever.

Share your own breakfast findings today!

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