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Re-Coil by @JamesTNicholas

By Pamelascott

Out on a salvage mission with a skeleton crew, Carter Langston is murdered by animated corpses left behind on this ship. Yet in this future, everyone's consciousness backup can be safely downloaded into a brand-new body, and all you'd lose are the memories of what happened between your last backup and your death. But when Langston wakes up in his new body, he is immediately attacked in the medbay and has to fight once again for his life-and his immortality. Because this assassin aims to destroy his core forever.

Determined to find his shipmates and solve this evolving mystery, Langston locates their tech whiz Shay Chan, but two members are missing and perhaps permanently killed. Langston and Chan are soon running for their lives with the assassin and the corporation behind him in hot pursuit.

What Langston and Chan ultimately find would signal the end of humanity. What started as a salvage mission just might end up saving the world.


[The derelict vessel drifted against endless darkness]


(@TitanBooks, 3 March 2020, 384 pages, e-book, copy from the publisher and voluntarily reviewed)



I wasn't sure what to expect from this book. It sounded good and Titan are one of my favourite publishers, so I decided to give it a shot. This book is a blend of cyberpunk (which I haven't read a lot of) and science fiction (which I read an am fussy about). I enjoyed this first person narrator. I love this POV and it helped with this book which was a bit outside my comfort zone as I felt very close to Carter and what was happening. I thought the premise was interesting yet terrifying; people's memories can be backed up and downloaded after death. I can understand the desire to do this, but it freaked me out a little as well. This is one of the most original takes on the idea of zombies I've ever read. I had a good time with this.

Re-Coil @JamesTNicholas

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