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Rayman Origins a Lum Review

Posted on the 28 August 2012 by Gamermonkey

Rayman Origins

When it comes to video games it seems the current trend for success is violence, chaos, and complete destruction. From shooters of every kind to post apocalyptic games, our is a generation that craves screaming and mayhem. That's why it's my joy and pleasure to come across a game that takes players a step back from the constant head shots, the slitting of throats, the bashing of zombie skulls, and the gore and carnage of realistic warfare. Rayman Origins is the answer to what many players desperately need: A few hours to breathe and remember that destruction isn't all there is to gaming. How good is Rayman Origins? Should you buy it? Here's my take.

Rayman Origins Trailer Youtube by Ubisoft



Rayman Origins Nostalgic Design

Rayman Origins has an impressive, whimsical art design, courtesy of the mind of Michel Ancel. Prepare for a wave of nostalgia for those who have played previous Rayman games. Ancel seems to have expanded on what made the visual and artistic design of Rayman 2 and the original Rayman while at the same time maintaining a sense of the original in a respectful, almost as a homage kind of way.
Gameplay in Rayman Origins is fast and fresh. After the disappointment that was New Super Mario Bros. 2, this is a tremendous relief. Players will be hopping, bumping, dodging, slamming, and dashing all over the place in an almost frantic race to collect Lums, smash enemies, and reach the goal
One o of the best thing is grabbing a few friends and trekking through the game's sensational levels that are both stunning visually and give Super Mario a run for its money as far as unique and creative level designs. The whole experience with friends is a blast, competitive, and hilarious as you can hinder your friends purposefully just as easily as you can aid them.

Rayman Origins Multiplayer Frenzy 

As the player, alone or kicking it with some friends traverses each level, our boy Rayman, Globox, and the Teensies will learn new abilities to aid them in both combat and in terms of getting form A to B with finesse and style.

Rayman Origins E3 Gameplay Trailer Youtube by XVXboxViewTV

Raymon Origins: a Challenge to say the Least

Rayman Origins provides its own unique challenges as well that, in my opinion, are a step up on the most recent side-scrolling Super Mario games. Treasure Chest Chase levels  an speed runs will test the skills of even the most experienced 2D gamer. Expect to utilize those quick, twitch reflexes to the fullest.

Rayman Origins Special Features

Let's face it. Games of this genre tend to be a little on the short end. Usually, players can expect a good 4-7 hours tops. Rayman Origins boasts many satisfying levels to master and explore (Not to mention you and you're friends will want to play this game over and over again). There are unlockable skins for the Rayman characters we've come to know and love. There's even a few hidden stages here and there.

Rayman Origins Recap

Let's recap. What you get with Rayman Origins is a game that is a blast to play without blowing someone's head off in the most realistic and gruesome way possible. I love reviewing a game I can whole heatedly recommend to players of all ages. Most shooters, etc, I would never recommend to the kiddos. The visuals are fantastic and expand upon the previous games while remaining true to that whimsical feeling associated with Rayman. Playing with friends will fill hours and hours of fun, and the game has more content than most recent 2D platformers.

Problems with Rayman

Rayman Origins does have a few drawbacks. While the visuals are amazing, it can work against itself at times. I actually died a few times when I was distracted by everything that was going on in the background. Fail on my part. Embarrassing. And there were times when the background seemed to kind of blend into the environments I was actually running and dashing around. And in my momentary confusion, I died again. Several times. Fail again on my part. My friends experienced similar problems. But even with a few problems here and there, I still highly recommend this game for just about any console or handheld.

Rayman Origins Final Verdict

Rayman Origins easily earns an 8 out of 10, falling just short of a 9 due to a few too many "where am I?" or "what's going on?" moments my friends and I experienced. And I subtract this from the overall score because I figure if 4 people with various levels of experience with 2D platforming complain about the same thing, chances are many others are as well.

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