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Raw Vegan Detox Experiences From a Meat Eating Man (Guest Post)

By Melissak

This guest post comes to you from Carl.  I asked him to write a guest post for me about his experiences on a raw detox and this is what he had to say.


A couple of months ago the concept of a raw detox would have been completely foreign to me. I’ve never really worried about what I eat, which was a mistake on my part, considering the fact that I suffered from indigestion, heart burn and bloatedness constantly. So when Mel suggested a raw detox I was sceptical at first, to say the least, but considering the fact that I want to try to live a healthier lifestyle I was willing to give it a shot. It was a wonderful surprise to find out the difference a healthier diet can make and I’d recommend that everyone do it once a month.

We started our days of with a smoothie, which is great for me because I never have much of an appetite in the morning, so I like the fact that I can get all my nutrients in, with a delicious green smoothie. The smoothie left me feeling energized and refreshed, the fact that it’s a delicious way to start the morning is just an added bonus. I felt more awake instantly and ready to face the day and whenever I felt slightly peckish, I could just snack on some tasty cashews and sunflower seeds, which provided me with the satisfaction of snacking, without all the unhealthy added extras.


Our lunch for the first two days were a delicious raw wrap/cos salad taco. Now this was one of the most delicious meals I have had in my life, I couldn’t get enough of it. It was crispy and delicious and I instantly felt refreshed and felt a liveliness in my face, like my skin was happy for the healthiness of it, knowing it won’t have to suffer the consequences of my normal unhealthy meals I would use to eat.

Our dinner was a basil pesto pasta the first evening. I love this meal, because it is delicious and very filling, but it does not leave you feeling sluggish. You don’t get that lazy feeling, that one would normally associate with regular pasta.


To me the lunch and dinner had a longer sustained energy than what I would usually feel after a meal. My body did take a day to adjust to the detox, but by day two I was feeling great. I had no indigestion, no bloatedness and I was significantly less gassy.

On day two we had a raw lasagna for our second evening and this is honestly one of my favorite foods from now on. I could hardly finish it, but I didn’t feel like a fatty afterwards. It bursts with fresh flavours and is really scrumptious.

On the third day for lunch we had a macro bowl, which is a resembles a de-constructed salad, but I loved the option of eating the vegetables one by one or mixing them up for a taste explosion.

My conclusion for a raw detox is that everyone should do it every now and again. It cleanses the body and leaves you feeling refreshed and makes your skin feel amazing. I felt revitalized and more energized than I would in normal days. I won’t be able to do it all day everyday, but for anyone that wants to give their system a healthy holiday I would say do it and reap the rewards of feeling great. When you are done with the detox I would also suggest to maintain a healthy diet moderation is key. I’m sure all the recipes for the amazing meals I had will follow soon.


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