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Raw Mango Mint Chutney Recipe, How To Make Kairi Pudina Chutney

By Anjana Chaturvedi @maayeka

Raw Mango Mint Chutney- a very delicious tangy Indian Dip of raw mango, mint and coriander

Raw mango mint chutney is a very delicious tangy dip/ chutney of India. It is very versatile as it can be served with snack, drizzle over chaat and street food and served as side dish with meals.

In Indian kitchens green chutney is the most popular one and made on regular basic. During winters it is mostly made with coriander and lemon. as the summer season arrives the market is flooded with good quality raw mangoes and fresh mint . So during summer chutney is made with fresh mint, coriander and raw mangoes.

Green chutney is not only good in taste but is also nutritious . It is rich in Iron and Vitamin A and C, a potent source of antioxidants. Mint helps to cure digestion problem and its aroma decreases anxiety and stress and improves brain function.Its also good to cure flu and cold .

Raw mangoes are also very good for health as they protect from heat strokes and dehydration during summer season. Cure stomach problems, indigestion and constipation.Good for the heart , liver and intestine health .Is very rich in Vitamin C.

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Tips to make Good Raw Mango Mint Chutney-

Mint gives a very nice fresh flavor to the green chutney but as mint is slightly bitter in taste so do add coriander leaves in the chutney. I always add 2-3 parts coriander and 1 part mint , which balance the taste .

Always add some sugar or jaggary if you are adding mint in the chutney to balance the slight bitter taste of mint.

For sourness add raw mangoes/ lemon juice or tamarind pulp in the chutney.

Add some almonds/ roasted peanuts/ cashew in the chutney. This not only add nutrition but also gives a nice creamy texture to the chutney. The natural oils of nuts act as a preservative and increases the shelf life of the chutney.

Always add ice cubes or chilled water while grinding as due to the heat of the mixer jar the mint get oxidized easily and thus effect the colour of the chutney.

Serving Suggestions

Serve this delicious chutney as a dip with any fried snacks like pakora, samaosa, dahi vada, aloo tikki , chaat etc.

Serve with steamed snacks or breakfast like- dhokla , khandvi, idli,upma, poha etc.

Serve as a side dish with any Indian meal.

Use as a sandwich spread or mix with yogurt and serve with starters .

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Raw Mango Mint Chutney Recipe, How To Make Kairi Pudina Chutney
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Raw Mango Mint Chutney

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