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Raw Gaia Organic Skin Food

By Annamoss84 @missanniebean
I love to try interesting beauty products, especially ones I wouldn't always go for when I'm purchasing items.  It's great to step out your beauty comfort zone and try other products, because we can often feel stuck in a beauty rut. 
Raw Gaia Organic Skin Food
The wonderful people at Raw Gaia sent me some of their trial products to try.  I was sent; MSM Beauty Cream, Facial Toner, Cleansing Spray, Bamboo and Pumice Exfoliant and Shea Butter.
Raw Gaia Organic Skin Food Raw Gaia Organic Skin FoodWhen I initially viewed the products from Raw Gaia the first word that came to mind was purity.  They looked so soft and delicate that purity was the only word that did them justice, and after further reading about what the company stood for, I discovered they are actually all organic skin food.
"We are the world's premier all organic, raw and vegan skin care company and probably the most pure skin care products manufacturer in the world. We don’t just create skin care. We create food for skin."

It's great to have a beauty company so eager to be as healthy and pure as possible, but would the products be any good?  Or would they be missing key ingredients that are in items in popular superstores, and cause them to not perform as well?  I was desperate to find out...

I took these little travel sized ones away with me on a recent trip and continued to use them afterwards. I can honestly say my skin has felt incredibly smooth and baby soft, something it hasn't felt like in quite some time.  I tend to find over the winter my skin can become super grumpy and rebel to anything I put on it.... these items from Raw Gaia were wonderful in smell and in texture, which made the process extremely enjoyable.
Raw Gaia Organic Skin Food Raw Gaia Organic Skin Food Raw Gaia Organic Skin Food Raw Gaia Organic Skin Food Raw Gaia Organic Skin FoodRaw Gaia Organic Skin Food I found the MSM beauty cream to my favorite item and soon became my best friend. I sometimes get very dry outbreaks of skin, going from cold to hot climates through out the day, and using this cream really helped ease that. The Shea Butter was next on my top list as it was great for my dry skin on my upper thighs.  They are quite dry normally so in the winter I knew they'd be bad, but the gorgeous smelling Shea Butter really helped.

Raw Gaia Organic Skin Food

Me after having a Raw Gaia pamper session!

Each of the items I was sent, smelt and felt good on my skin, if I was lying my very sensitive skin would of let me know (trust me!).  If you want to find out a bit more about Raw Gaia - or trial some to see if you like them on your skin... the pop along to their website.
Raw Gaia Organic Skin Food

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