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Rating the Habs Top Offensive-players

By Kicks @Chrisboucher73
The top offensive-players on any team create the most scoring-chances. The most efficient offensive-players create the most scoring-chances per-offensive-touch. An offensive-touch is defined as any play  a player attempts while in possession of the puck. Plays used in this calculation include; passes, dekes, dump-ins, and shots. Scoring-chances included in this post reflect only those scoring-chances where the player indicated has been directly involved, and not just on the ice.
This post will attempt to rate players based on their ability to create offense. The first graph communicates the number of scoring-chances each player creates at EVEN-STRENGTH for every 1 attempted offensive-touch. The blue line shows their ratio prior to the Olympics, while the red line displays their ratio in games that have taken place since the Olympics.
Thomas Vanek has created the most scoring-chances per-offensive-touch. Not surprisingly, other players who have created a substantial amount of scoring-chances per-o-touch include Max Pacioretty, and David Desharnais. As indicated by the difference in the red and blue bars, Pacioretty and Desharnias both saw their numbers increase substantially after the arrival of Vanek.
Alex Galchenyuk's pre and post-Olympic numbers show a huge drop in scoring-chances per-possession play after the games. Subban produces the most scoring-chances per o-touch among defensemen; this is even more impressive when we take into account that Subban attempts substantially more puck-possession plays than his fellow d-men.

This next graph is an attempt to rate each player's ability to create offense by multiplying the number of scoring-chances they create for every 1 attempted offensive-touch by the number of offensive-touches they contribute per-minute of even-strength ice-time. In theory, the players who rate high using this system not only create more scoring-chances per-offensive-touch, they also engage in more offensive-touches per-minute played. This takes how efficient a player is and combines it with how often they have possession of the puck.
Players who are more efficient (scoring-chances / offensive-touch), and more involved (offensive-touch / minute played) are more likely to create offense than players who rate lower.
Vanek's possession rating since his arrival is heads-and-tails above any other Habs player. Pacioretty has the second-best rating, while Desharnais and Brendan Gallagher are third and fourth. Not surprisingly, Subban has the top rating among defensemen; followed by Andrei Markov.
Desharnais, Lars Eller, George Parros, Brian Gionta, Dale Weise, and Pacioretty are the only forwards to have a better rating since the Olympics, than the had before the games. Thanks to Vanek, Pacioretty and Desharnais have the most improved ratings (before/after Olympics), while Ryan White, and Galchenyuk's ratings have dropped the most.

These reports can be produced for any player at any level. All that's required is video. Feel free to contact me by e-mail with any questions, comments, or inquiries about the services I provide.
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