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Rat Control: Do It Naturally

Posted on the 01 April 2016 by Alain_fouxer

Rodents, such as rats, are very destructive to our buildings, may it be in offices or households. Even in cars, rats tend to be very vicious. No doubt, people are eager to eradicate or get rid of these pests in their surroundings. The question now is – how can we get rid of rat in a humane way? 
Since then, live traps are very common in eliminating rats. However, there are more convenient ways of keeping away rats from our things. First and foremost, we have to know how to rat-proof our building. By that I mean to make our environment unsuitable for rats to live. In my opinion, this the most effective way of exterminating rats. As what the saying "prevention is better than cure" implies to preclude rats' infestation is way better than letting them move away from our surrounding. So how do we do this rat-proofing? First, we must seal holes or possible entry points where rats can get access to our building. Doors and windows may be screened so it may not be rats' entrance. Then, we should take responsibility in keeping our food supplies and garbage in sturdy and tightly-sealed containers.  Some foods may be placed in the refrigerator instead of storing it in the cubbyhole. If you have indoor animals, make sure to pick-up dishes after feeding them because the food remnants can be tempting to rats. Also, if you have stacked woods or any materials, better pile them tightly and away from your building or house. Through these ways, we are not only preventing the infestation of rats, but we are also keeping our environment clean and free from potential health hazards. how to get rid of rats in house
Some natural rat control measures can be done too. Chemical deterrents are an inhumane way of eradicating rats. Aside from that, it is also harmful to us humans, especially to children, and to our pets as well. So why not go natural? 
There are various natural ways of eliminating rats. One is to use predators, like dogs and cats, to keep rats away. Predator scents can be used as natural deterrents too. If rats are introduced to smells that they don't like or that can potentially harm them, they may voluntarily leave the place rather than risk their lives. The scent of a dog's urine can be used as deterrent, or even a bit of dog's hair can already prevent rats from destroying things. For instance, you may wipe your car wires with urine to avoid rats from gnawing it. 
Aside from predator and its smell, condiments like pepper, edible vegetable oils, and garlic can be a smell deterrent for rat control too. Just by the scent or taste of pepper, rats cannot tolerate it. How much more the mixture of pepper, salad oil, and garlic? Rats can be very disgusted to it. Simply mix the three mentioned condiments that are readily found in our kitchen then let it stay for 4 days. After that, strain it and put the mixture in a spray bottle. With this, it is very easy and comfortable to use over areas that cannot be rat-proofed like car wires and living room sets.  All you have to do is spray it on possible areas that rats may chomp. 
Moreover, rat repellent also includes those that are disgusting to their taste apart from the above mentioned smell deterrents. As a common knowledge, rats love to munch on things such as wires, shoes, etc.  So the use of wasabi or hot pepper may be effective in controlling rats. Merely smear a small amount of wasabi or hot pepper to surfaces of things or stuff, and surely, when rats will take a taste of it, these rodents will stay away from it. 
There, I have written it all. But then again, in my opinion, the best deterrent is cleanliness. Avoid rat infestation, throw away your garbage and food scraps, and clean every part of your house or building regularly. Enjoy a rat-free environment!

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