Rasayana- the Rejuvination Therapy

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What is Rasāyana?

The word Rasayana is derived from a Sanskrit word literally meaning an āyana (path) of rasa (essence). It is an Ancient ayurvedic term referring to techniques for lengthening Lifespan and rejuvenating the body.

It is a clinical specialty of Ayurveda that helps nourish the whole body by strengthening the Rasa Dhatu, the essence of all food we take, and which the body assimilates. Rasayana therapy contains various methods of rejuvenation.

What are the Benefits of Rasayana Therapy??

  • It enhances the strength body tissues (Rasa)
  • It  boosts up your digestive power
  • It enhances the functional capacity of the brain
  • To enhances the strength and immunity of the body
  • To destroy diseases in the body
  • To delay aging process
  • To develop barrier against stress and infection

This therapy includes variety of drugs, Dietary regimens and Aachara Rasayanas or the codes of conduct.


  • Antioxidant- It boost up the level of antioxidants, neutralizes free radicals i.e. unstable molecules that can harm your cells.
  • Immunomodulatory
  • Anti-ageing
  • Nutritive
  • Anabolic actions
  • Neuro-protective actions.

Classification of Rasayana

1. Dravaya Rasayana: It includes herbs which are purely Ayurvedic herbs and foods that are useful for prime functioning of your Body and mind.

There are four types of dravayas –

  • Age-promoting Rasayanas: These herbs and diets provide stability to life, vitality, stamina, glow to the skin, sweetness to the voice, and virtually tend to enhance the life span of person. Popular example is Chyavanprash.
  • Mental acuity enhancing Rasayanas: These rasayanas act as effective brain tonic and may help in increasing the intelligence and memory. It enhances the grasping, concentration and retention power of an individual and helps alot in fighting mental fatigue. Example- cow’s milk and ghee, herbs like brahmi, vacha and shankhpushpi, and bhrama rasayana
  • Eyesight promoting Rasayanas: These are beneficial and promote proper functioning of the eyes thereby aiding a clear vision. These include Ayurvedic herbal formulations like Amalaki rasayana.
  • Disease combating Rasayanas: Here, specific rasayanas are given to the patients suffering from some particular disease. For Ex. – Bhallataka Rasayana – Skin disorders and Pippali rasayana – Respiratory diseases.

2. Adravya Rasayana- It consist of General rules of daily life along with natural regimen of seasons are to be followed. If Good conducts are practiced on regular basis then only amazing benefits of Rasayana therapy can be achieved.

  • The Anger should be Avoided.
  • Always be Truthful and also free from ego
  • Consumption of alcohol, indulgence in sex and violence should be avoided.
  • Regularize the Awakening and sleeping period
  • One should Practice self-control
  • Consumption of milk and ghee on regular basis.
  • Person undergoing this therapy should Respect elders and teachers
  • Spirituality should be practiced.

Types of Rasayana Rejuvenation Therapy

According to Ayurveda Rasayana is of 3 types-

  • Naimittika Rasayana or the curative Rasayana – It is used to fight against or balancing a specific causative factor which is responsible for disease in the body.
  • Ajasrika Rasayana In this type of rasayana the healthy lifestyle, diet or exercise is advised in order to maintain good health and improve the quality of life. It is also known as Vayasthapan Rasayan.
  • Kamya Rasayana- It is a rasayana which is practiced for a special purpose.

There are 4 types of Kamya Rasayana –

  1. Prana Kamya– For maintaining the best quality of prana (life energy) in the body.
  2. Medhya Kamya- Enhancing the memory and intellect.
  3. Ayush Kamya- Increasing longevity.
  4. Chakshu Kamya- It is very good for your eyes and for maintenance of eyesight.

Modes of administration-

  • Kutipraveshika (kuti=cottage, pravesha=enter)- The rasayana therapy is done in indoor i.e. the treatment is done through various rasayana herbs in a specially prepared cottage for a long period of time.
  • Vatatapika- Vata = air and atapa = heat or sun is good for people who are engaged in everyday life activities. In this type of Rasayana the person remains exposed to air and heat or it is an outdoor management treatment.

The 3 types of Procedures –

  1. Achara Rasayana (behavioural modalities) is positive behaviours that enhance health, happiness and longevity aimed for psychological and spiritual health.
  2. Ahara Rasayana (dietary modalities) includes rules relating to eating, types of food and their properties, etc.
  3. Aushada Rasyana are specific herbs and their combinations for various ailments.

The person willing to undergo Rasayana therapy Firstly consult the Ayurvedic Doctor and then should do a proper panchakarma detoxification procedure  under the guidance of a skilled Ayurveda doctor and then Rasayana therapy is administered according to age, body type, status of body and also in order to get the desired effect.

In Ayurveda text books, there are more than 150 Rasayana Herbs and formulations which have been clinically proven to be effective. 



  • Amlaki (Embilica officinalis)
  • Haritaki (Terminalia chebula)
  • Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia)
  • Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)


  • Loha or Iron
  • Swarna or Gold
  • Shilajit or black bitumen
  • Praval or coral ore
  • Mukta or pearl
  • Tamra or copper
  • Rajat or Silver etc.

FOOD INGREDIENTS used as Rasayana –

  • Honey
  • Cow’s milk
  • Desi Ghee etc.


  • Chyawanprash avaleha
  • Amrita Rasayana
  • Abhaya Rasayana
  • Bhrama Rasayana
  • Punarnava Rasayana


  • Forbid the graying of hair and hairfall issues.
  • Forbid wrinkling of skin
  • Prevents aging and diseases thus providing longevity.
  • Maintains young age and body growth
  • Good for your eyesight
  • It Enhances vigor and vitality
  • It strengthens your body
  • Increases Memory and enhances your Brain Functioning.
  • Increases lusture making your skin Glow  i.e. makes your skin healthy
  • Improves your mental and intellectual competence
  • healthy condition of voice or improves your voice quality
  • Excellent potentiality of the body and the sense-organs
  • Overall makes you young and Energetic
  • Strengthens your sense organs.

Rasayana therapy is used from ancient time and CAC is also providing this therapy on the basis of Herbal medication, formulations and Panchakarma procedures as to preserve your youthfulness and for overall wellness. 

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