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Randomly Generate Your Bucket List

By Generatorland @generatorland
Bucket List

Starring in the movie of your life doesn't count.

I noticed that one of our members, midnightbeliever created a 2012 Reading Challenge Generator, the point of which, I assume is to randomly generate a book that you promise to read this year. Given that I haven’t read passed the 17th page of a book in several years  I will not be taking on this particular challenge. However, it did inspire me to create a Bucket List Generator, which will guide my actions (at least the insane, ill-advised ones) for the rest of my life.

Plus I can cross “Create a Bucket List Generator” off my bucket list.

Give it a try

Note: Generatorland will not be held responsible for your death, dismemberment, public ridicule, loss of spouse or any other result based on your use of this generator.

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