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Random Thoughts Episode 5.06 ‘Hopeless’

Posted on the 19 July 2012 by Thevault @The_Vault

It’s hard for me to believe that we’re now half way through the season and wow, at the end of this episode, what a shocker! At the halfway point they are really raising the stakes (no pun intended) and giving us lots to think about.

Below are a few random thoughts about the episode.
Sam Joins the Cause

At the end of last week’s episode, Sam and Luna had just been shot and we had no idea if they lived or not.  In this episode we first see them as they are rushed to the emergency room, still alive. At the time of the shooting, Luna’s daughter, Emma had changed into a wolf and ran to her Grandmother Annie’s house for protection. Sam and Luna are recovering in the hospital when Annie arrives with Emma. Even though Luna is not happy about it she asks Annie if she will take care of Emma while she and Sam try to find out who is killing shapeshifters.

Sam and Andy join forces to try and find out who tried to kill them and who killed their friends, Emery and Suzanne. The two go to the Stakehouse to try to find out more since it seems to be the best place to start. While there, Sam saves Andy’s life when the owner tries to shoot him. I’m glad to see that Andy is letting Sam help him since Sam’s skills as a shifter certainly will help him.

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How could Sam have recovered so quickly from his gun shot wound? 
Do Shapeshifters heal quickly. 


Hoyt is Desperate

The character of Hoyt is really tragic this season; I truly feel for him. He is so obviously still in love with Jessica and her continued rejection results in a “death wish’ as he allows a vampire to drain him. However, we see Hoyt get saved when the vampire killers shoot the vampire feeding on him. Hoyt’s desperation makes me worry he might join their forces because when we last see him they take him away in their van proclaiming that they have just saved his life.

s506 5 400x221 Random Thoughts Episode 5.06 ‘Hopeless’

Terry Is Cursed

After the fire and the appearance of the Ifrite, we see Terry, who truly believes he is cursed by what happened in Iraq, return to Merlotte’s to say, what he considers to be his last “Goodbye” to Arlene. She of course, believes that he is just “off his meds” and tries to talk him out of it. The scene between them is quite touching, and I wonder where Terry intends to go or what he might do to end the curse.



Do you think that Terry is doomed?
What is Arlene going to do without a father for her children?


Lafayette and Ruby Jean

Ruby Jean is back in another scene with her son, Lafayette that displays the talents of Alfre Woodard. Ruby and Lafayette are so suited to each other; it really feels like they are related and have a bond, however much Ruby Jean seems to be crazy. Personally, I think she is in a psycho ward because of the visions she sees and her powers are similar to her sons; that’s why Lafayette has powers, too. She warns Lafayette telling him that he has to find Don Partolo.  

s506 1 400x220 Random Thoughts Episode 5.06 ‘Hopeless’


I worry for Lafayette, what do you think?

Jason and Sookie go to Fearyland

Sookie is pretty much despondent because of what happened when Bill pretended to glamour her and when Alcide recoiled from her. Jason has a dream where he talks to his father and he swears to find his parent’s killers. Jason tells Sookie about the death of her parents, she is curious and the brother and sister go to the Faery Bar to find out more. Once in there, they meet up with Claude, who tells Sookie and Jason how their parents died. While on the bridge a vampire comes upon them because he smelled Sookie’s blood on a band aid that was lying on the back seat of the car. Sookie realizes that she is the cuase of her parent’s death and she finds it hard to cope with.

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Alcide declares he’s Pack-master

After being glamoured by Eric into not being attracted to Sookie, Alcide recoils from Sookie and he leaves her house. The next time we see him, he goes to Marcus’ pack declaring himself as leader. He has to fight one of the wolves for the privilege and is seconded by Rikki.
s506 2 400x219 Random Thoughts Episode 5.06 ‘Hopeless’


Do you all agree with me that Rikki might be Alcide’s next love interest?

The Authority and Vampires

For me, this is the most enjoyable story line this season. At the start of the episode, which resumes as our hero vampires have found Russell, the Authority storms in just as Bill and Eric are fighting over whether Russell should be staked. Bill is in the process of convincing Eric that its not their decision to stake him. Kibwe arrives with his men and they take possession of Russell, making their dispute moot.

Kibwe notices that there are humans and wolves there and they can’t know about any of this, but Bill convinces him that they can be glamoured to forget. Eric then glamours Alcide telling him to protect Sookie with his life, but to keep his hands off of her because she disgusts him. Likewise, Bill pretends to glamour Sookie, (as we know, she cannot be glamoured), but the pseudo-glamouring is more of a goodbye between the two because Bill thinks that they will never see each other again. It’s a poignant moment.

s506 18 400x221 Random Thoughts Episode 5.06 ‘Hopeless’s506 11 400x222 Random Thoughts Episode 5.06 ‘Hopeless’

Kibwe takes the humans who were prisoners, as well as Alcide’s employee, Doug and puts them into a truck as if they were being taken home. Unfortunately, for them, they meet the true death by him.

Eric and Bill are taken back to the Authority headquarters and are congratulated by all the Authority members for finding Russell. The I-stakes are removed that lay over their hearts and they are offered drinks. Roman enters with some vintage blood for all to drink. Eric and Bill play along with whatever Roman wants, but several times we see Bill squirm in his seat in fear that Eric will say or do the wrong thing.

s506 16 400x223 Random Thoughts Episode 5.06 ‘Hopeless’s506 17 400x219 Random Thoughts Episode 5.06 ‘Hopeless’

Roman decides that Russell must die tonight, but Salome seems unhappy with the idea. The scene that is supposed to be Russell’s execution, is quite dramatic. Russell is now the one wearing the I-stake. Roman stands behind Russell and hit’s the kill button on his iphone I-stake app and it malfunctions. This gives Russell the opportunity to stand and grab a stake and kill Roman’s by pushing it into his heart and killing him.

s506 14 400x219 Random Thoughts Episode 5.06 ‘Hopeless’s506 15 600x333 Random Thoughts Episode 5.06 ‘Hopeless’

This ends the episode.


What or who made the I-stake app malfunction?  
Who betrayed Roman?  
Clearly there is someone else in the Authority who is a traitor to Roman’s cause?  
Who do you think it is?  Will Sam and Luna join forces with the vampires?  
Is this the holy war we’ve been hearing about?

I’m sure you have opinions and questions. Leave us your thoughts in the comments below.

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