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Random Thought: Peter Francis Geraci Will ALWAYS Have a Job

Posted on the 18 January 2013 by Kzawadzki @kzawadzki

Just randomly thought about this, but I sincerely think that the only person in the entire world who has 100% job security no matter how good or bad the economy’s doing is bankruptcy lawyer Peter Francis Geraci.

Seriously, though.

That fucker’s been peddling his services since I first came to the United States in 1995! In fact, I’m pretty sure his is one of the first commercials I’d ever seen here in the states, before I even understood any English to know what the hell this guy was talking about.

The kicker? His commercial hasn’t changed in 18(!) years – it’s still the same, no-frills talking-head format, selling audio tapes, except maybe he added a blurb about being online.

Good for him, but damn!

Moral of this vignette: If you want a guaranteed job, follow in the footsteps of Peter Francis Geraci, because someone is going to be going bankrupt all the time. ‘Round the clock.

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