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Rand Paul Wants to Take America When?

Posted on the 08 April 2015 by Doggone

Rand Paul Wants to Take America When?

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The questions the boring thinkers are asking are the obvious questions, which are the wrong questions.
Who does Rand Paul want to take America away from that has it, and what does he intend to do with it?  The obvious answer would seem to be the dominance of old white crabby flabby theocrats, given his previous positions on race and religion, economics and civil rights.  He wants life to be like the good old days, where those minorities and women stayed in their subordinate, subjective places, and didn't make waves about eating at every lunch counter, or controlling their own lady parts, or that voting stuff.  That is strictly for conservative Christian white men, and right thinking corporations to run government.
And definitely none of those false religions that other people in the world believe in.  No. No. No.
That would make Jesus cry, and maybe a founding fatherl not Ron Paul --- Moses.
Definitely "no mo of the homo" either.  Absolutely no more science; we have too much of THAT already, and clearly there is a big PROBLEM with reality and all those facts leaning liberal.  Those have to go.
No, no voting or lunch counter sitting or equal pay or reproductive choice, no no no.  None of that modern stuff when Rand gets his hands on America for 'HIS' 'Murikans (good Christians all, the right wing fundie Evangelical kind only).
A better question to ask is WHEN does Rand Paul want to take America back?
Would he be aiming at 1950?
Or is pro-confederacy, pro-session, pro-white supremacy Rand Paul aiming to send us backward even further, to the 1850s?
Inquiring minds want to know, but only from curiosity.  WE do NOT want him taking America away from a broadly diverse America, with whom he and his fringie-bots do not want to share power, or to have the backward culture wars that make people second class citizens imposed on us by the delusional right wing nuts.
Rand Paul -- not back to the future, just backward, and downward.

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