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Ramble Away

By The_woodlouse @the_woodlouse
Ramble Away
Just a brief post today, primarily to share the link to a podcast I was interviewed for recently. The House Planning Help podcast series covers a huge and very interesting range of topics related to sustainable building, energy efficiency, selfbuild, water use, community involvement, and more. The most recent one features me talking about the good and bad bits of externally insulating and extending our bungalow with strawbales.
I found it surprisingly nervous-making being recorded, although I'm normally happy to extol the virtues of strawbale building at great length. I still did talk at length, waved my arms around a lot and pointed at things (always useful for an audio recording), but Ben Adam-Smith - the podcast's creator - did an excellent job of getting me back on topic and editing it down to a coherent whole.
So here's the link to the House Planning Help Website, with my podcast and many more: Ramble Away Ramble Away Ramble Away

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