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Rajgiri Halwa Recipe – Navratri Fasting Recipe

By Anjana Chaturvedi @maayeka

Rajgiri Halwa- a delicious dessert made with gluten free amaranth flour and sugar- a Navratri fasting recipe

Rajgiri halwa is a easy to make delicious dessert made specially for religious fasting. Rajgiri / amaranth is also called as Ramdana in North India. It is a gluten free grain and is rich in calcium,protein, Iron and Vitamin A, B, and C

Rajgiri can be used to make so many different types of breads, snacks, desserts and to thicken the curries. It is also preferred for a weight loss diet and for fasting days.

How To Make Rajgiri Halwa-

Making rajgiri halwa is quite easy and simple . it is quite similar to the recipe of making sooji halwa . just the proportions are different as it will not swell up like sooji.

first of all add ghee in a heavy bottom pan and then add the amaranth flour and roast till it change its colour and become light brown and start giving a nice roasted aroma. then add hot milk and cook till it start to thicken. at this stage add and cook till it become thick again. (addition of milk is totally optional ,you can use only water or add half milk and half water instead)Now add cardamom powder and chopped nuts of your choice and mix . Serve hot

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Rajgiri Halwa Recipe – Navratri Fasting Recipe
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Rajgiri Halwa for Navratri Fasting

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