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Rajasthani Churi Ka Paratha, Korme Ka Paratha

By Anjana Chaturvedi @maayeka

Rajasthani Churi ka paratha/ Korme ka paratha- a delicious flatbread made with soaked yellow lentil,wheat flour and few basic Indian spices

Churi ka paratha or korme ka partha is a specialty from Rajasthan. I leaned this from a Marwadi friend of mine who is an amazing cook. As Rajasthan happens to be a dry state so they use lots of gram flour, sun dried vegetable and lentil in their cuisine. They made so many types of delicious kadhi and curries with the use of gram flour and lentil or lentil flours.

Different varieties of parathas and poori's are also made regularly using gram flour/besan ,papad and lentils and served with curd and pickles. The lentil parathas are so healthy and delicious that there will be absolutely no need of any vegetable as side dish.They taste great with just a cup of tea or with some pickle and chutney. These healthy Churi ka paratha can also be packed in kids tiffin boxes with some curd and chutney.

What is Churi Ka Paratha

This lentil paratha is popular as churi /choori ka paratha OR korme ka paratha. This is a very traditional recipe of Rajasthani cuisine.In olden days all the daals are crushed at home using the stone chakki. Whole gram and lentils are milled at home to make gram flour/besan, daliya and whole lentils are crushed to make split moong daal. While doing so lots of semi crushed coarse daal powder is left which is called as daal ka Korma/churi. This daal ki churi/korma is soaked in water and added in the flour to make paratha's.

But now no body is grinding daal at home so instead of using the leftover semi crushed daal , yellow lentil is soaked and used to make churi/ korme ka paratha. If there is some flour mill near your house then you can try semi grinding some whole green lentil/moong daal there else use yellow lentil,both ways it taste awesome.

These churi paratha's are best served with dahi ke aloo, aam ki launji , ker sangri ki sabzi or just with some pickle or chutney.

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Rajasthani Churi Ka Paratha, Korme Ka Paratha

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Rajasthani Churi Ka Paratha

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