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Raja Yoga - Astral Projection - Michael Paul Peter

By Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Raja Yoga - astral projection - Michael Paul Peterdid a very strange thing last night that I've not done for a decade or more ... astrally projected to a few dozens of light years away.
It was something the Raja Yoga teacher in Bournemouth (1985) taught me, I forget his name but that's not important for this blogpost - he'll know who he is.
It's this place you can ascend to that's filled with GOLDEN SHAPES. It exists just outside what we know as Local Space. It's there, like Heaven, in many ways, but there's no religious connotation, no personality-deity figure to relate to or chat with. It's a totally abstracted shape-space that sits all around you, pushes through you, is part of you.
I got there last night, meditating as I once used to, concentrating only on my breathing, slowly pulling out of my body, out of my county, out of my country, continent, planet, lunar orbit, solar system ... I was high as I've ever been, astronomically, looking down on the stars from a couple light years away. My breathing was very relaxed, almost like mercury. As I breathed out ever so softly, the spiral galaxy shifted away very smoothly below me. As I breathed in, I altered my perspective upwards so that I could see the golden zone that was coming more and more into resolution.
I just concentrated on the shapes, and how they moved, felt, sounded, interacted, shifted from idea to idea. And it's not like a mesage came through, it's not like I was asking a specific thing: I was just THERE. When I opened my eyes, I KNEW. I knew that the first writing name I'd ever used back in 1985 was Michael Paul Peter. A writing name I'd used twenty five years ago. A name under which my first novel was published.
I've just gone in and changed the prospective cover sketch of my forthcoming FREE PLANET novel to reflect this realisation, illustrate this moment of dawning, this pointer in the ether.

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