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Raising a Well-Behaved Dog

By Hundidocom @hundidopuppy
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Having a well-behaved dog depends on building a good relationship with him. Learning to communicate the rules in a clear and calm way that your dog understands will ensure he responds positively to your request.

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Setting Rules

Dogs are not naturally naughty – in fact they are deeply social animals who crave rules and boundaries. However, puppies are not born knowing what the rules are and even if your are starting to train an older dog, he may not yet have learned all the rules you would like him to follow.

Decide upon a set of rules you feel are important, then enforce them consistently through training such as reward-based training. Act quickly to stop any behavior that breaks your rules – your dog will soon learn which behaviors are acceptable and which are not.

behaved dog

Well-behaved dog. *

There is no need to prove your physical strength or dominance to enforce these rules. A good owner is calm, fair, and likeable – it’s important to help your dog understand when he makes mistakes, without getting angry and shouting at him. Building a relationship with your dog based on mutual respect will make both owner and dog happier.

Your dog will gladly follow commands given by you as long as he understands what he needs to do. When training problems occur, it is usually because of poor communication. Since dogs have different motivations and needs than humans, taking time to understand how your dog learns and what signals he can follow will help set realistic expectations.

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