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Raise The Bar #MyFriendAlexa #PebbleInWatersWrites Management Lessons

By Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

Sometimes, a very serious lesson of management could turn into a hilarious incident. Your intent might be taken in an altogether different tangential direction when you are talking in public. Different people have different perspectives. That is quite natural. So, during my lectures, while addressing to different people attending the session, I try to be very crisp and clear, usually, to make the things very clear. Like, if we talk about 'Raise the Bar' during a management lesson, the intent is very clear. Though, on a lighter note, things might go in a very strange direction. What if, even if the intent is captured in a hilarious manner by someone, ends up in a fruitful result. That is what happened in one of my sessions.
Among a number of my entrepreneurial clients belonging to hospitality, F&B, and travel, one, Mr. Kapoor, is a young, vibrant, and highly energetic personality. He has two of the best restaurants doing too well, situated in Connaught Place, the heart of New Delhi city. Actually, he has quite aggressive plans of expansion within the country and in European countries, especially, the northern and Central Europe. Well, so, in one of my sessions, I was conducting for ten most promising entrepreneurs, I talked about one of the top management and leadership skills, raise the bar. I don't know how it fitted at a wrong place in Mr. Kapoor's mind. After a week or so, he called me. His tone was very exciting and, of course, full of energy.
He said, "Sir ji, your formula worked perfectly well in my case."
I was not too sure about the context or is relevance to which of our previous discussions. So, I asked, "Which formula?"
"Sir ji, that day you told to raise the bar. I thought a lot about that, after the session, and, in fact, the whole night. The next morning I moved the bars of both my restaurants from first floor to the roof, straightaway. You know, it has gone fantastic. My revenue from both these bars has tripled."
I decided not to repeat 'raise the bar' thing ever in any session which Mr Kapoor is attending in the future.

Raise The Bar #MyFriendAlexa #PebbleInWatersWrites Management Lessons
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