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Rain for Health

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
In Israel it is very rare for rain to fall after Pesach. The Gemara calls it a siman klala, though I heard in a drasha recently (though I dont remember what the source was) that this does not apply within the first 50 days after Pesach (I think it was 50, maybe 30), and if the farmers say they need the rain, it is not considered a bad omen even after that.
However, it is still very rare. In past years when it rained in the month of Iyyar, we learned of a segula of the chida that drinking from the rainfall is a segula for good health, or a refuah, based on an acronym and a passuk.
Today it has rained across Israel, and might rain some more tomorrow, though it is not yet Iyyar - it is still the month of Nissan. So, what segula do we associate with this?
It turns out that this too is a segula for health matters, even though it is not yet Iyyar. The sites are quoting Rav Pinchas of Koritz who wrote that when it rains between pesach and Shvuos it is good for healing all the ailments, unlike any other medical treatment, and that is to stand out in the rain, reveal one's head partially in order to allow it to rain on your head, and to open your mouth and let some rain fall into your mouth from the right side. After Shvuos, some rains are still good for healing.
sources: Behadrei and Kol Hai News
If you want to try this sgula out, it seems at least harmless and is free to try, so go for it while you still have a chance!
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