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Rage Against the Machine

Posted on the 12 December 2012 by Ripplemusic
 Rage Against the Machine - XX (20th Anniversary Edition Deluxe Box Set) (2 CD/ 2 DVD/ 1 LP)
I don’t even know where to begin with this album review.  When I received it, I promptly passed out, and woke up three days later. 

My mind was blown then, as it was twenty years ago, when the initial release of this re-released gem came out.  This band and this album transcend everything that makes music enjoyable.  This is meaningful and world-changing stuff.  With thought provoking lyrical genius and insane riffs, this is the indelible rock album of the early nineties, in my opinion, and this re-release is like listening to it all over again. 

The re-mastering does this album a world of good.  It’s louder and crispier and that makes it a better version of one of the best albums ever.  I mean, it’s a noticeable difference.  I listened to the first edition, then this one.  Even if you’ve listened to it a thousand times, it’s worth a purchase just for this aspect of the release. 

However, that’s not the reason you need to purchase this album again. 

It’s the bonus features that you need to be aware of. 

The album contains three B-sides on the first disc.  Live tracks from Bombtrack, Bullet in the Head, and Take the Power Back are featured.  They are of course, incredible. 

The real gem here is the second disc.  This amazing album is the Rage Against the Machine DEMO TAPE that was sold for five bucks at the Rage merch table.  Listening to it is like listening to the band for the first time. 

It’s completely raw.  It has that sound that only a mastered tape can have.  It is completely natural and reminds you of how much music has become produced.  While pristine music production can be awesome at times,  this raw feeling makes an incredible impression when combined with the sound and lyrics of Rage. 

The highlights of this part include three tracks that weren’t on the first major RATM release.  Auto Logic, The Narrows, and Mindset’s a Threat.  The Narrows is possibly my favorite Rage song of all time… and it’s new to me. 

Bottom line, one can’t really review a classic Rage Against the Machine Album.  You can only appreciate it for what it is… art.  A beautiful piece of re-mastered art with so many goodies you may never take it out of your CD player or change albums on your MP3 player. 

Freaking Rage, man. 
--The Professor

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