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Radius Furniture by Jeff Martin

By Dwell @dwell
An ahead-of-the-curve furniture experiment by Jeff Martin plays with pastels and geometry. Slideshow Photo

Vancouver-based furniture maker Jeff Martin's new Radius series -- three abstract, Pop Art tables with a childlike geometric logic -- is a big departure.

For Vancouver furniture maker Jeff Martin, design can be a material issue. His back catalog features an array of pieces showcasing rich bronzes and wood grains, which makes his new Radius series—three abstract, Pop Art tables with a childlike geometric logic—such a departure.

“What I do is more reliant on the material, in a sense,” he says. “So the idea of experimentation, of manipulating the radius into a series of different shape and eliminating the material influence, was appealing.”

The trio of oblique end tables, made of lacquered maple or walnut, come from playing around with shapes. So far, Martin has made a set of artists proofs, which will be cast in bronze and released in a limited edition of ten sets. He plans to experiment with finishes and play with the patina of a few pieces, but the oblique curves will remain.

“I’ve been designing products I could reproduce over and over,” Martin says. “I just wanted to create a simple series about the essence of creating, where there would be limited ownership for people.”

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