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Radio Host Kevin Swanson Claims Birth Control Leaves Dead Babies in Wombs

Posted on the 03 February 2013 by Kzawadzki @kzawadzki

I’m beginning to get some evidence from certain doctors and certain scientists that have done research on women’s wombs after they’ve gone through the surgery, and they’ve compared the wombs of women who were on the birth control pill to those who were not on the birth control pill. And they have found that with women who are on the birth control pill, there are these little tiny fetuses, these little babies, that are embedded into the womb. They’re just like dead babies. They’re on the inside of the womb. And these wombs of women who have been on the birth control pill effectively have become graveyards for lots and lots of little babies.

via They Are Coming for Your Birth Control: Radio Host Claims Your Womb is Full of Tiny Dead Baby Corpses | RH Reality Check.

Who said that? A radio talk show host named Kevin Swanson (no relation, I’m sure, to Parks and Recreation’s Ron Swanson).

Mother of God.

I can’t believe people this dense really do exist, but they do. And sometimes, they get their own radio talk show. Others, feeling media just isn’t for them, run for office (see: Todd Akin, Richard Mourdock) to see what more damage they can do.

I’m embarrassed for this guy. Who apparently uses his radio show as part of “the world’s largest homeschooling and Biblical worldview program that reaches families across the U.S. and in over 80 countries.”

80+ countries? Lord, have mercy! How many kids are being taught to be stupid that will one day inherit this world?

For heaven’s sake, people, God gave you a brain! Use it!

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