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Radio Free Usa!

Posted on the 04 September 2011 by Mikeb302000

I’ve been saying it, others have been saying it, and Southern Beale put it really well:

Sadly, we can no longer rely upon the news media to adequately inform us. The mainstream media has, as was pointed out recently, “become journalistically irrelevant when it comes to national issues and coverage.” Unfortunately, as my local newspaper’s eagerness to publish corporate propaganda demonstrates, local media isn’t much better. So we need to find a better way of communicating the facts without letting the special interest groups do their spin job.

So, how does one get informed in this digital age? After all, there is a huge volume of information out there available digitally, but how much of it is worth paying attention? Online astroturfing is more advanced and more automated than we’d imagined. Corporate media is pretty much in the hands of a few and that spills over into “public” media. US mainstream media is journalistically irrelevant when it comes to national issues and coverage. Broadcast media is incapable of explaining anything outside a commercial corporate framework. The US media is pretty much afraid to address anything that hints at the class warfare in fear of scaring away corporate underwriting through actual commercials, or the “underwriting” on US Public Broadcasting.

Sure, there are news sources outside the US, such as the BBC, but that isn’t helpful to the US citizen who needs to understand what exactly is happening in their country. How corporate interests have hijacked public interest through the US government.

The problem is that the war is on: it’s a war against women, workers, anyone who isn’t insanely rich, and those who would speak out about this situation. The problem is that people’s freedom is at stake as they become slaves of the corporate hierarchy that works to keep them silenced and in debt.

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