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Racism and Jalepenos

By Blairbarnes

Today while working my regular lunch shift, I approach a table of four women. The women were typical uppity San Francisco rich hitches, they couldn’t even be bothered to look at me while I spoke to them. Anyway, they received their food and one of the women asked me if she could have a side of jalapenos. I informed her that since nothing on our menu called for jalapenos we didn’t have any in the kitchen at the moment. She grabbed my arm lightly and pulled me a little closer and said” I know you have some Mexicans back in the kitchen and I know they love jalapenos so be a dear and go ask the MEXICANS for some jalapenos” I stood there with my mouth open for a second unable to even think of how to respond…eventually I said “sorry ma’am regardless of who works in our kitchen we still don’t have any jalapenos, her friends looked so embarrassed and shooed me away saying it was fine and not to listen to her. Needless to say that was the first time in awhile I was rendered speechless!

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