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Racism and Adoption

Posted on the 04 February 2013 by Charlescrawford @charlescrawford

Here is another Commentator piece from me on a subject with moral content, namely how far is it appropriate to take into account the ethnicity (or 'race') of would-be adopting parents? Is it right to put a child from a 'minority' community into a 'white' home?


... those who hooted loudest for a supposedly progressive non-racial outcome in apartheid South Africa are those who hoot loudest for a defensive multi-racial approach here in the UK now. This shows itself in many ways, above all the enforced categorisations of ‘ethnic minorities’ that appear in demands emanating from the Cabinet Office for staff surveys and other official processes.

The categories chosen (or not chosen – don’t ever ask why, say, Poles do not feature on these lists) show how vital it is for the race relations industry to create racial/ethic categories and assign people to them. Without these formalised state-created apartheid-style categories, the opportunities for asserting control over people and processes would be hugely reduced.

These issues come to a head with adoption. We have children without a home needing to get out of state institutions into a normal family, and we have parents wanting to adopt said children. On the face of it, creating arrangements that deliberately make it less likely that ‘ethnic minority’ children are in fact adopted would look to be a massive human rights abuse.

Yet this outcome is not only what we have, it is championed and enforced by the armies and ideologies of official multi-racialists, on the grounds that ethnic minority children should be adopted only by families of the same ethnicity. Anything else risks creating ‘psychological problems’...

The really baffling thing in all this is that thanks to the more or less uncontrolled immigration policies beloved by progressive forces here, the UK really is getting quite melting-potty anti-racial.

So-called ‘mixed’ marriages and relationships are ever more common, even chic. More and more children are being born and moving on to Olympic, academic and other success with skin hues and DNA combinations that tick no known Cabinet Office survey boxes. The adoption industry’s rearguard attempts to disallow ‘mixed-race’ adoptions are now grotesquely conservative, even reactionary.

In my view anyone introducing race as a factor in adoption should be sued to high heaven for primitive discrimination. If it's unlawful for me to say that I don't want to hirte someone because of the color of their skin, it has to be unlawful for the color of skin to be a factor in determining how far a proposed adoption is suitable.

More lawsuits! That will solve the problem fast and well. Mind you I've been hpowling in the wilderness about this since ethnicity was first identified as a 'human need' back in 2008.



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