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Racial Discrimination Returns to Water Faucets [on Har Habayit]

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
One photograph in 1950 became the symbol of racial segregation. The photograph was snapped by Elliot Erwitt in North Carolina.
I am sure you will recognize this iconic image:
Racial Discrimination returns to water faucets [on Har Habayit]
colored folk were only allowed to drink from the water fountains labeled "colored", keeping them separate from the "white" fountains.
the image became a symbol. A symbol of how things needed to change. A symbol of what was. A symbol of a time. A symbol of how we have changed.
Or have we? Maybe we have only changed somewhat?
Ynet is reporting about a return to separate water fountains.
A fellow from Tzfat was recently in Jerusalem for his regularly scheduled ascent to Har Habayit. While on Har Habayit in the intense heat, Elishama Sandman went to the water faucets to relieve his thirst and dryness with a bit of water.
As Sandman bends over to drink, a policeman stops him and says - sorry but you are not allowed to drink from this water faucet. Why not? what's going on? What changed? The policeman explained that this is a new rule in effect - Jews are not allowed to drink from the faucets. Upon further questioning, the policeman admitted that it is only Jews that are not allowed to drink from the faucets, while everyone else can - Arabs and tourists.
Racial Discrimination returns to water faucets [on Har Habayit]
Mr. Sandman, familiar with the rules and directives in place for Jews on Har Habayit, asked the policeman at the gate for confirmation as to the existence of this or any other new rules. The policeman in charge confirmed that the regular rules are in place, and there is nothing new or changed. This decision to ban Jews from har Habayit water faucets was taken, seemingly, by the individual policeman. Sandman also confirms that in the past he, and others, have taken drinks from the faucets without being stopped - except for a couple times when the Arabs tried to prevent him from doing so and the policemen helped him get his drink.
So, what's going on? New, discriminatory, policy? an overzealous policeman? Will he be censured for making up his own rules?
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