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Rachel Zoe and Grey Goose

By Cestlabellevie @cestlabelle_vie
Rachel Zoe and Grey GooseRachel Zoe and Grey GooseRachel Zoe and Grey GooseI'm kind of obsessed with Rachel Zoe. She's fabulous, has the most amazing collection of vintage, wears whatever she wants, always has a coffee in hand, and styles for a living. I mean, really--her life is ba-na-nas.  Now, I am a college student and, though I do usually have coffee in hand, my life hardly resembles Rachel's at all--except when I wear this jacket. I call it my Zoe jacket, because the shape/color resembles jackets I've seen her wear a thousand times. Granted, hers are all vintage Chanel, but a thrifted ByCorpus jacket is the closest I'll be getting to that anytime soon. Also I've never seen her in cut-off jean shorts, but I wouldn't hate it. 
I wanted to soften up this look with some girly nails, so I tried this look that's been going around Pinterest: you dip nails in alcohol & then lay strips of newspaper across them and the text transfers onto your nail...which explains the fifth of Grey Goose I had out at 10 in the morning. My roommate walked sleepily past me, saw the vodka and didn't even blink--mid terms are definitely here. 
loafers, jacket, shorts: thrifted, tights: Kohl's, sweater & scarf: Forever 21, necklace: UO

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