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"Rachel Jeantel Was a Train Wreck as a Witness"

Posted on the 28 June 2013 by Brutallyhonest @Ricksteroni

That quote from this piece at TalkLeft, not what anyone would call a conservative blog:

Rachel Jeantel was a train wreck as a witness. She did not help the state's case. She exposed the manipulations of Team Crump. She was impeached on a few significant matters (see below the fold.) And she admitted multiple lies. It was cringe-worthy but you couldn't take your eyes off it.

Most strikingly, she made Trayvon Martin out to be the profiler of Zimmerman. She said (on direct RachelJeantelexam no less by the prosecutor) that shortly after first spotting Zimmerman, Martin described Zimmerman to her as a "Creepy-A*s Cracker" and later, described Zimmerman a few times as "this ni*ga" (as in this ni*ga following him.) The two minute clip above is of Rachel and the prosecutor repeating creepy a*s cracker over and over as the court reporter struggles to make out what she's saying, Rachel explaining that creepy as* cracker means a white person, then and expressing concern the creepy guy might be a rapist.

At her deposition, she couldn't identify Trayvon as the person crying out for help. Today, she tried to deny it, but when impeached with the transcript, admitted she told the defense, "It could be, like I said, I don't know. He has a baby voice some days, you know it's not." (Added: This friend of Trayvon Martin says he had a deep voice. " I remember those nights where I use to wait for him to call. I loved his deep voice."

Her answer to why she didn't tell the police about her being the last one to speak with Trayvon was laugh-out loud funny: "They said they got the guy, I thought they were supposed to call me." [More...]

She doesn't watch the news, she had no idea Trayvon really died until Tuesday, when a friend sent her a text of an article mentioning his name. Until then, she thought the rumors at school were just rumors. She didn't know as of March 18 when Tracy Martin first called her that GZ had not been arrested. She didn't know about any protests or media coverage because she doesn't watch the news (only occasionally the weather.)

She admitted lying about the hospital and said she didn't go to the wake or funeral because she doesn't like bodies. Instead, she had her friends text her from it and they "texted her like crazy." But no one mentioned Zimmerman had not been arrested.

She admitted lying to Sybrina Fulton, Benjamin Crump and the prosecutor (under oath) about her age, telling them she was 16 and a minor because she thought she'd have more privacy.

She had little interest in helping the Martins. When Sybrina Fulton first asked her to speak to Crump, Fulton asked to speak to her mother. Her mother was out of the country, so Rachel called her on her cell phone and asked her to say no to the interview. But when she got Sybrina on a three-way call, her mother said yes. So she felt she had to do it.

There's more and it's all damning.  

H/T to Lex Communis.

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