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Rabbi Leff Supports Israeli Football Team While Learning Torah

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
My son was watching some football match (soccer for us Americans) last night between the Israeli national team and a team from Scotland. The Israelis lost, though they were winning at the time... Suddenly he calls out surprised. He saw in the stands a Haredi family at the game, and the father was learning gemara. At the game, in Scotland! I went over to see, but they had already moved on and I missed the opportunity.
Rabbi Leff supports Israeli football team while learning Torah
It turns out this was Rabbi Zeev Leff, rav of Moshav Matityahu. Rabbi Leff is in Scotland visiting his children who live there. According to Srugim, when he heard the Israeli team was going to be there for a match at the same time as his visit, he decided to go to the game to support them and cheer them on. Of course, Rabbi Leff spent most of the time learning and not actually watching the game.
Funnily enough, the Israeli announcer calling the game suggested the rav say some tehillim so they will win the match..

It would have really been cool to see him wearing a team jersey....
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