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"rabbi" Killed in Utah

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
According to the Salt Lake Tribune a Utah man was convicted for killing "the rabbi" in 2011. "The Rabbi" was a trophy deer known as "the rabbi" because of its unusually large and unusually shaped antlers.
(Hattip: Yaak)
1. I tried to do a little research (truthfully, very little) about this but could not find any background info. strange
2. was the name "the rabbi" an anti-semitic one? because Jews have horns?
3. referencing MBD's famous song from his early days, we chased them from Jerusalem back to Utah overnight, so they decided to kill the rabbis in Utah in exchange?
4. looking at the picture, maybe it was called "the rabbi" because its antlers look like hands held up heavenward in prayer?
5. why was there no outrage, like when that dentist killed the lion? because this was only a rabbi that was killed?
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