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Rabbi Grossman Revokes His Support for Monster Malka Leifer

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Rabbi Grossman, Chief Rabbi of Migdal Emek and founder and driving force behind a major organization in which he works to care for abused, abandoned and forgotten children, among other things, was recently involved in the Malka Leifer case in which he went to court to vouch for her, in some capacity, and offered to house her in his home with the conditions of house arrest while she would await trial.
There was a large outcry online calling him out for his support of Leifer, even if unintentional, thus increasing the pain of her victims in the process.
Initially Rabbi Grossman made statements expressing his lack of understanding as to the problem, as he says he was just trying to have compassion and help her but she would have jail terms in his house. He did not see how his helping her was hurting others.
Rabbi Grossman has now seen the light, and I don't care if it was because of pressure even if he still does not understand or if now he understands. Rabbi Grossman released a statement to the press last night in which he says that he revokes his support for Leifer and withdraws his involvement in the case.
The full statement, from Kol V'Oz:
​Statement from Rabbi Yitzhak Dovid Grossman:Last night, I notified the courts that I am completely withdrawing my involvement in the case of Malka Leifer, and my recommendation that she be placed under house arrest with my supervision.For more than fifty years I have devoted myself to helping thousands of children who have been abandoned, orphaned or abused as well as those living in the forgotten margins of Israeli society. In addition, I have gone into the prisons to help those who need to be reached out to. My focus and the focus of Migdal Ohr will always be to help and heal Israeli society.At times, I have been called upon by the courts and the Government to act as impartial mediator when no other alternative exists. This was the case with this last request. In these difficult and highly charged situations, I have had to find a balance between my life's goals for Migdal Ohr and the needs of Israeli society.I am very sensitive to the pain and plight of children and adults who are abused, as I see it every day in my work at Migdal Ohr.  It is regretful that the current turmoil has in any way called into question that mission and dedication.
I called him out for his supporting Leifer, the monster, and now I commend him for doing the right thing, for seeing how harmful that would have been, both to her victims and to his life work of protecting and helping children who are victims themselves and for doing the right thing and not putting himself in a position where she can use him and show him as supporting her.
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