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Rabbanut Corruption at Worst Posisble Time

By Gldmeier @gldmeier

The news has a number of reports of corruption in the Rabbanut. In one department, a dayan is accused of taking money to advance divorce cases. In another department there are accusations of corruption regarding the kashrut and mashgichim who were paid off or not working under the authority of the rav in charge..
I don't know what happened, what really happened, who did what or took what, but such accusations coming out in the heat of court cases and political fighting regarding the status of the Rabbanut vis a vis other rabbinic or kashrut organizations won't be helpful to the Rabbanut's case.
Their claim that they are the only ones capable of ensuring true kashrut, and ensuring the protection of Judaism in the cases of conversion, marriage and divorce, should and hopefully will be looked at with an extra careful analysis.
I am not saying they deserve to lose their control because of this, but it should be looked at, and I cannot imagine this will help them.
It is never a good time to have corruption, let alone to have it discovered by the public. But this is really bad timing.
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