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Ra-ndom Thoughts - Richard's First Italian Magazine Cover

By Mariagrazia @SMaryG

Yesterday, my day off. In and out from home, franticly coping with the housework to catch up with and  several errands to do. As usual,  I'm terribly busy on my day off. However, I found the time to check my e-mail box and ... SURPRISE: my friend K/V had written something like: "Guess what? Richard is on an Italian magazine cover!" I thought it had to be a picture in Thorin's costume on a movie magazine for a niche. I couldn't guess that it was instead one of the most popular and best-selling magazines of puzzles and rebus, LA SETTIMANA ENIGMISTICA! The magazine which can boast innumerable cases of attempted counterfeit, one of the oldest and widely popular in Italy. We were astonished! I tried to get a copy as soon as I could and I'm now the proud owner of my "first RA Italian magcover"!!!Italian RA fans, astonished but grateful,  are all ready to buy and collect their own copy of the magazine. Number one of a rich collection, we hope!!!
P.S. The pic I posted yesterday on facebook was taken with iphone and not very good, while this almost perfect scan is by the already mentioned, irreplaceable, if-she-didn't-exist-one-should-invent-her K/V!
P.S. 2 I bet the most frequent comment from the ordinary Italian buyer at seeing RA pic on the front cover will be: "Chi è"?  Meaning : "Who's this handsome man in a tux"? Very few will know the answer, though the name is under the photo. But Richard's fans are so proud to know it. It's just the beginning!

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