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R^3 = Raj Rajesh Rajendra

By Wheatish @wheatish

*The ladies at Wheatish would like to introduce our second guest blogger and FIRST official male blogger, who goes by the Internet pen name, Don Mega.  Today, Don takes a creative turn in our blog posts and writes as a man named “Raj Rajesh Rajendra”, writing a letter to himself.  Wow, that’s a mouthful.  Anyway, Don was not wanting a formal introduction, but we will just leave it at this: he’s a cool guy.  We’ll let his writing speak for him and itself.  Happy Beginning of December, Readers!

To Raj Rajesh Rajendra,

The problem with spending a lot of time in bed and doing nothing but thinking, is your back starts hurting. These are one of the many “first world problems” I face on a daily basis. My name is Raj Rajesh Rajendra. My Father’s name is Rajesh. When my family immigrated to the US of A, some mix-up in the official document process made my Dad’s first name my middle name.  I grew up in a typical Indian household, the only job I had as a child was making good grades, eating all the saag on my plate and being nice to my younger sister.

So life was relatively simple.

On family movie nights I would shut my eyes or walk away during scenes of Hollywood (and now Bollywood) love-making. I attended prom with a group of friends, so it was kosher. I spent a lot of time on AIM because “I was getting and giving homework help.” I don’t know what they thought while I was at the University — but there was no mention of girls and drinking. It’s not that I wasn’t allowed to talk about girls or relationships, but the subject-matter was uncomfortable and unnatural with my parents.

Time flew by, many nights in a computer lab lead to a job at a Corporation. So began the next chapter Raj’s life as a “working man.” Rented a reasonable apartment in the City, and brought home the soy bacon when the parents visited. “Man of the House” as my Papa says. I had not let down the Rajendra name.

I made it according to Indian standards.

Hazzah, celebrations with Maaza and Thumbs Up! Yes, but now what? Well, I don’t know, that’s why I’ve been spending a lot of time in bed. Papa’s answer is work hard at the Corporation, since I’m only an analyst I have to strive to become a consultant, then a senior consultant, followed by a managing consultant, then promoted to a senior managing consultant, a project lead super senior guru consultant and so forth. Mom’s answer is to have grand-kids… With my arranged marriage wife from New Delhi – “city girls in India are so hi-fi these days.”

Some more time flies, I get married to a pre-approved girl from Bangalore named Rakhi and we end up having a kid named Roger (so the Americans can pronounce his name properly). Nah, I’m just joshing ya! I’m in bed on writing this on a laptop and my back is starting to ache again. Still single and continually procrastinating on the boring Corporation work. I have no idea what I’m going to do next, but I can’t worry too much because then I won’t enjoy the present. The Indian parents will eventually come around to any decision I make.



Raj Rajesh Rajendra

R^3 = Raj Rajesh Rajendra

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