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By Gldmeier @gldmeier
This is not an election campaign promise. This is a fact I have been working on all year and is completely under my authority to make. The Gush Dan Light Rail on Shabbos has left the station - and this will happen. Even a government with Haredim will not cancel this, something that over 70% of the Israeli public not just supports but needs.
  -- Minister of Transportation Merav Michaeli, on her announced decision that the light rail in the Gush Dan region will operate on Shabbos.
Even a government with the Haredi parties wont cancel this decision because the people need it? Oh yes they will (if Netanyahu forms the next government and the Haredi parties are members).
In 2022 it shouldnt be too difficult to put this on an automatic system on Shabbos, maybe with non-Jews on the trains for support or emergency that would make it less problematic, but if there is no consideration of religious sensibilities, they will uproot it as soon as they take over.
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