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By Gldmeier @gldmeier
The government is not interested in what happened in Meron. Their objective is to embarrass the Haredi MKs, the former Prime Minister, and the families, instead of helping them financially. The government just wants blood and for heads to roll. 
  - - MK Keti Shitreet (Likud) 
I'm not sure how creating an investigative committee into Israel's worst civilian tragedy is just revenge and looking for blood, but ok. If their opinion is worth anything, the families have been demanding such an investigation.
 Whether the state should pay the families some sort of financial stipend, I don't know though I'm not opposed to it. I do not know why the two are mutually exclusive - they can set up an investigation and also pass the decision to grant a stipend of some sort. The previous government did neither. 
Setting up an investigative committee is also not looking to embarrass anyone but to get to the bottom of what happened and where the failures were, and yes, who was responsible, if anyone. Should we never investigate anything because it might find someone responsible? Should we not investigate just because someone from the previous government might bear responsibility (maybe, nobody knows if that is the case)? Did only Netanyahu's government have the legitimacy to investigate this? 
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